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Why Choose Us for Your Veneers?

If you're considering Porcelain Veneers, you couldn't be in better hands. Our veneers are designed to perfection, customised to suit your natural teeth or even improve upon them. Our top-quality work ensures that you leave our practice not just with a smile, but with a smile that you'll love for 10-15 years or even longer!

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Unlock Your Dream Smile with Bligh Park Dental's Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are finely sculptured shells which are bonded to the front of the tooth to change their colour or shape, make them look straighter, minimise gaps or lengthen them if they are short or chipped. Porcelain veneers can help you structurally create the smile you want and their colour can be tailored to suit your existing teeth or what you want. Porcelain is a ceramic, tooth-coloured material that fuses at a high temperature to form a hard, enamel-like substance, almost identically resembling a natural tooth. They offer a bright, white change to a range of concerns you may have regarding your smile.

Anyone who suffers from dental issues such as discoloured, chipped or crooked teeth can achieve incredible results with porcelain veneers. There is only minimal tooth preparation, involving the removal of a thin layer of your existing teeth to create room for the veneers. This can dramatically change the appearance of your smile and will last a long time, if well looked after they can last from 10-15 years. Further, with our revolutionary CEREC machine we can create veneers more accurately than ever before in a more efficient manner so you can have the results you want in a quick and comfortable way.

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Time to Unveil Your Dream Smile!

Thank you for considering Bligh Park Dental for your Porcelain Veneers. We understand the weight that a brilliant smile carries, and we’re dedicated to making that dream a reality for you. Our innovative CEREC technology and minimal tooth preparation mean that we can deliver your new smile quickly, efficiently, and comfortably.

Just like our hundreds of satisfied customers, you’ll be amazed at how easy and transformative the entire experience can be, all in our unique and calming setting.

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