At Bligh Park Dental we aim to deliver the best results in maximum comfort. With technology advancing so rapidly we believe it is essential to use current technology to enhance our results, efficiency, comfort and your overall experience. With these current facilities at our fingertips we are in a position to do so. These are some examples of the innovative technology we use to enhance your treatment.

Intra Oral Camera

The Intra Oral Camera allows for you to see what your dentist sees when examining your mouth. Mounted in a small tube the Intra Oral Camera is easily manoeuvred throughout your mouth so you can watch live on the overhead screen. This allows you to see your teeth and gums up close so you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of any problem areas your dentist may explain to you.

Low Dose, Digital X-Rays

Using up to 90% less radiation, Low Dose, Digital X-Rays have surpasses their previous film counterparts as a safer more efficient option. With this x-ray technology you can view your results almost instantly, while you sit in the dental chair. Moreover, this efficiency and extra detail allows us to better detect and treat any potential problems in a safe, efficient way.


Using CEREC’s advanced systems; we are able to quickly restore damaged teeth using permanent porcelain restorations in just one visit. Computer aided restoration technology (CEREC) can efficiently create strong, more detailed and durable, functional restorations with a natural looking appearance.

CEREC first creates a digital model of your tooth using a 3D camera. Following our experienced dentists use this image to develop an exact restoration on a computer screen. Finally a block of porcelain is inserted into the CEREC which is then precisely carved into the exact restoration designed, whether it be a filling, onlay, inlay or crown. This then bonded to your teeth creating a lasting, strong, functional and aesthetically pleasing restoration in a single visit.