Anxious Patients

For many patients, dental visits and treatments are a trigger of anxiety, fear and phobias. We want your experience with us to be as comfortable, and as stress-free as possible, which is why we offer an easy, safe and enjoyable solution to this anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide (Happy Gas)

Nitrous oxide is a safe and easy method to combat anxiety and induce a feeling of deep relaxation, acute joy or comfort in nervous patients of all ages. As a widely used method of sedation over the past 40 years, Happy Gas has no lasting effects and requires no injections or discomfort. Upon completing your treatments effects will cease after a few deep breaths of fresh air and the chemical will have completely exited your body after around half an hour.

If you suffer from anxiety, a phobia, or medical condition and feel that this is the option for you, contact our understanding team to discuss your options and arrange a consultation.

 Anxious Patients

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