Crowns and Bridges

Crowns, sometimes called ‘caps’ are custom made restorations or protective covers for badly damaged, chipped/fractured teeth, broken down fillings, discoloured or weak teeth to their natural shape and colour.

Crowns exist in two forms. The first is a thin shell which is fitted over a badly damaged existing tooth and the second is a full restoration (or new tooth) which can be affixed to a Dental Implants. Both of these options restore strength, durability and functionality and being predominantly made of porcelain can be tailored to match your existing tooth colour. This leaves your smile looking healthy and natural.

If a tooth has been lost, a dental bridge can be used to ‘bridge’ the gap between two adjacent teeth. This is done by fixing the replacement to two crown teeth on either side of the gap. Bridges are normally made of precious metal, however if the bridge will show then porcelain is bonded to the base for a more natural appearance.

With a commitment to a strict oral hygiene routine, bridges can last more than ten years.

If you are suffering from tooth loss or feel that crowns and bridges may be the options for you, contact our team to arrange an appointment.