Teeth Whitening

Here at Bligh Park Dental we are able to provide both in-chair and take home tooth whitening systems. People with stained or dull teeth will benefit from whitening.

Like hair and skin, teeth can vary in colour. Some are darker or more yellow than others, even when they are healthy. Teeth can become darker as people age and also with the consumption of staining substances like tobacco, red wine, tea, coffee etc.

Tooth whitening is one of the least expensive, least invasive and safest ways to enhance your smile. Whitening procedures work through lightening the natural colour of your teeth by up to eight shades. There a few options that you can choose from to achieve a new brighter smile, including a take home whitening kit tailor made for you or an intensive ‘in chair’ light activated teeth whitening treatment using patented technology that whitening your teeth instantly.

Our in-chair system is complete in a single visit so you walk out with a brighter whiter smile. This is a good option for patients with a special event looming. Our specialist take home kit is slightly less expensive and if the perfect option for patients who can’t make it into the practice as you can take it home and complete in your own time over the course of around two weeks. Also, with a take home kit, you can buy refills for your whitening trays to top up your whitening process as you feel necessary.

If you want a brighter, whiter smile, contact our team to arrange an appointment and discuss your whitening options.