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Guard Your Smile with Bligh Park Dental's Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards!

If you’re an athlete or a nocturnal teeth-grinder, a custom-fitted mouth guard can be your smile's best friend. At Bligh Park Dental, we don’t just create mouth guards; we craft personalised shields for your teeth. Our laid-back, friendly staff make the process effortless, ensuring you're comfortable from consultation to fitting.

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Why Choose Us for Your Mouth Guard?

  • Benefit from a precise fit, maximising comfort and protection.
  • Enjoy enhanced speaking and breathing capabilities during your games.
  • Tailored colours to represent your team spirit.

Don't compromise your dental health and performance. Book your appointment online today or call us at (02) 4577 3344 to get started.

Custom-Fitted Sports Mouth Guards

Anyone that participates in a contact sport is vulnerable to a dental injury. A custom fitted mouth guard is designed especially for you and expertly crafted to fit precisely in your mouth, thus providing the best protection through their exact fit, comfort and cushioning effect. Store bought or ‘boil and bite’ mouth guards can only offer a limited level of protection in comparison and often impede breath and speaking. A custom fitted mouth guard is smaller and more comfortable to enhance speaking, breathing ability and your sporting enjoyment.

As sporting injuries can lead to severe dental treatment which is often painful, lasting and costly a custom fitted mouth guard is a small price to pay to safeguard your smile during sport. At Bligh Park we can also tailor their colour to suit most Australian team colours.


Do you grind or clench your teeth when you sleep, when you're concentrating or when you feel stressed? If so we may recommend a dental night guard. This helps to protect teeth from wear and relieves the strain on jaw joints preventing problems such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction.

These mouth guards can be worn at night to prevent your teeth from touching. It can help to ease symptoms such a jaw pain and headaches , and over time it could even help you to stop grinding or clenching altogether.

Contact our team to arrange a fitting for you or your children.

custom-fitted mouth guard

Secure Your Smile and Peace of Mind Today!

Whether it's on the field or in your sleep, your dental health can take a hit when you least expect it. Why not stay a step ahead? A custom-fitted mouth guard from Bligh Park Dental doesn't just protect your teeth, but potentially saves you from painful, costly dental treatments down the road.

For those struggling with bruxism or TMJ dysfunction, our dental night guards are more than just plastic; they're a path to better sleep and less jaw pain.

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