Children's Dentistry

At Bligh Park Dental we place a special emphasis on our child dental appointments because it is important to teach them the correct dental habits at an early age, in the hope that these techniques will carry through to adulthood as well as prevent future dental issues.

We recommend easing them in to dental visits, rather than coming into an appointment unprepared. For instance, it may be useful to have your child first come in and watch a parent have their appointment/clean, while the other parent sits with them. We also can assist through our own calming techniques.

We advise having your child's first dental appointment around the age of 2 or 3 years of age.

Oral Health Therapist

At Bligh Park Dental we have is trained specifically in dentistry for children. Our Oral Health Therapist will provide high quality dental care to your children including examination, treatment and prevention, as well as teaching your kids how to maintain their own oral health.

The Child Dental Benefit Schedule

Are your children eligible for the Government's $1000 free dental over 2 years? Learn more about the initiative here.